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   R Statistics - SIMS Sensory Quality Panel Software Cloud Systems

  Benefit:  R is a zero cost alternative to more expensive statistical packages such as SAS, JMP, XLStat, Camo, etc.

  R Statistics - Quick Start

     R software is required for some of SIMS advanced statistics, such as Principal Component Analysis (PCA).

     Installing R on to your PC is easy, if you do not have it on your PC already:

       Easy Method #1: Run the newest version of SIMS installation SETUP.EXE which is available as download or on the SIMS DVD.
                       This will install the newest SIMS version in addition to installing R to folder C:\Program Files (X86)\SIMS2000\R.

       Easy Method #2: Download SIMS R from our website, download this Zip file, R.Zip. 
                       Simply save the Zip file to your Windows Desktop.
                       Extract/Unzip/Copy R Folder to your PC, to either of these folders: 
                        C:\Program Files (X86)\SIMS2000\R       ( example file path: C:\Program Files (X86)\SIMS2000\R\R-3.2.4\bin\x64\R.exe )
                        C:\Program Files\R

       SIMS software should then automatically find R on your PC.  Easy.

       Good news:  Traditional installation is *not* required, simply copy the folder and files and R should work perfectly fine.

       This Zip file also conveniently includes all of the R Libraries required by SIMS for your advanced statistics.

       Interestingly you can COPY the folder C:\Program Files\R from one PC to a another PC and everything R works perfectly fine,
       thus skipping having to run the installer file (such as R-3.2.4-win.exe) on the new PC. 

 Statistics Report Examples

     PCA 3D Analysis

     PCA Analysis

  handy note:
  update.packages(checkBuilt=TRUE, ask=FALSE)

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