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    Data Export to CAMO Unscrambler

New SIMS <-> CAMO Unscrambler® DataLink:
Read the Sensory Computer Systems Press Release
Read the CAMO Press Release

Use the New SIMS CAMO Unscrambler® DataLink to Export your SIMS Sensory Test Data directly into The Unscrambler® for many of your advanced statistical requirements, such as Multivariant and PCA Analysis.
Contact Sensory Computer Systems for CAMO Unscrambler® price discounts.
    Additional Notes are below.




***** SIMS : Raw Data Export to CAMO's The Unscrambler® - Notes *****

   SIMS Exporting to Unscramber® requires Unscramber® Version 7.71 or Newer.
   Older versions of The Unscramber® will simply ignore the import file.

   CAMO Unscramber® Contact Information:
   CAMO Software, Inc
   One Woodbridge Center , Woodbridge, NJ 07095
   Phone: 732-726-9200

   Read the CAMO Press Release:
      CAMO Offers New Unscrambler® Data Import Component Through Partnership With Sensory Computer Systems

   Technical Support:
   Sensory Computer Systems does not generally offer Technical Support for
   using CAMO's The Unscrambler®. You may want to contact CAMO directly
   for Technical Support for using CAMO's The Unscrambler®.

   CAMO Command Line Technical Notes:
   Very simply the command line would be:
   [location of unscrambler exe] /CMD [location of file to open]

   There are also a few optional commands that can be inserted after /CMD
   /ROW signifies that the first column in the data set is the row names.
   /COL signifies that the first row in the data set is the column names.
   /L takes you to the login screen first to allow different users to
   login on networked or multiuser systems.

   Note that if both /ROW and /COL are used that you should have one less item
   in the first row than in all the other rows, as the 'column names' does not
   get a 'row name' (i.e. the top left corner doesn't really exist, and is blank)

PCA Example

   PCA Basics CAMO Unscramber Youtube Video

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